First, you should know I hate noise. Noise to me is waste and I cannot stand waste, every version of it. 

I went dark after my mom died last April. I cut off all social media. I was starting to write our year one findings and I was grieving the loss of my mom. I couldn’t have extra noise in my head. 

We are in unprecedented times right now. There is no script for what we choose to do every day. Now isn’t the time for dark, it’s time for light.

When I made MAIA I envisioned a way for people to be able to spend their money and feel better about where they chose to put their money. Fully knowing that the status quo only listens to 2 things: 1) your money and 2) your vote. I believe in speaking truth to power every damn day.

Women business owners, Minority business owners, Veteran business owners, LBGTQ business owners, Disabled business owners, the Main Street of America are the heartbeat of this country. They are hurting! They are hemorrhaging money. They need our support. They need us to buy from them.

Right now they are trying to figure out how to make payroll to their employees while there is very little money coming in. They are deciding between layoffs and terminations. They are asking for credit lines to pay employees, suppliers, and rent.

People try to over-complicate a lot of shit. This one isn’t hard. Spend your money with the people who align with your values. Vote for the people who align with your values. It’s really quite simple but it requires each one of us speaking truth to Our Own Power. The power of OUR money and the power of OUR vote.

And for the love of humanity wash your hands and do your part to flatten the curve. Give our healthcare providers a fighting chance.

Lastly, MAIA is always free to search to find a woman-owned business. In addition to searching for free, MAIA also became completely free for every women-owned business in 2020. Please tell women-owners to share their HerStory on MAIA. You are our strongest marketing tool. Please share MAIA with your networks.

Peace and Persistence,

PS – written while listening to Sorry, Not Sorry.